About Us

New Sight International (NSI) is a growing church community with members from a variety of ages, nationalities and backgrounds based in Cardiff, South Wales, UK. NSI is a present-truth church community founded on biblical principles and recognising Jesus Christ as its head.

We describe ourselves as a ‘Kingdom Community’ to represent the fact that we have moved away from static positions of a religious faith built around a church service to the realisation of a people who express God through the abundance of a Kingdom lifestyle. 

The Senior Elder of New Sight International is Paul Humberstone. Paul is also a member of the Core Leadership Council (CLC) of CongressWBN. The other leaders are; Tricia Humberstone, Craig Crosbie and Rebecca Crosbie.

We gather as a Kingdom Community in Cardiff on Sundays and during the week to worship God and to receive and apply Kingdom values and principles for our lives. We are a growing church community with members from a variety of ages, nationalities and backgrounds based in Cardiff, South Wales, UK. 

The name ‘New Sight’ is based on the prayer of Paul in Ephesians 1:17-18: 

“That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of your understanding being enlightened . . . ”  

We have a strong Apostolic and Prophetic dimension to build, equip and activate bringing a strong building thrust into our midst . We are a community in which prophetic ministry, divine healing and miracles function and are manifested in the nature and character of Christ.

One of our major aims is to bring people and churches into updated positions of the current speaking of God and to equip people to walk in the apostolic and prophetic dimension and anointing.  Our main objective is to bring individuals and families into a life changing encounter with the transforming power of God and to equip and mature them in the faith and their own calling and destiny.

NSI is a Core Kingdom Community within CongressWBN and specifically part of the Kingdom Community Network (KCN) which has 20,000 Kingdom Communities throughout the nations. 

CongressWBN is a faith based organisation that operates in well over 100 nations and is committed to building a mature church.

It is made up of sectors of strategic operations including networks of Kingdom Communities, professional groups, educational institutions, nation development initiatives, businesses, university students and a Global Communications and Technology (GCT) team.

Members of NSI and those in relationship with NSI come into the relational orbit of thousands of churches around the world and into the power of a larger leadership resource. Those who relate to NSI are automatically joined within the framework of CongressWBN.