People Groups


GPS-21 is aimed at those between 16 and 20 years old. Within this group, the young people learn how to walk closely with God and develop their own relationship with Him as they look to go to university or move away from home. Teachings from the Sunday meetings are discussed along with challenges that the young people face daily in their walk with God.

Our GPS-21 group in Cardiff joins with our sister community in Holland, Kingdom Impact, for the GPS meeting, GPS-21 meets every two weeks on zoom and is led by Naomi Kitcher.


Hebron is the people group for men over the age of 21. Here men are shaped to become Hebronites within their homes and communities. Great emphasis is placed on the men partnering with God to accomplish His plans within the earth, and the men are committed to demonstrate accurate manhood and headship in families.

Within Hebron, the men live unflinchingly according to the values, standards and principles of the Kingdom of God. The Hebronites learn how to live authentic lives through the development and teaching that they receive. Hebron meet once a month and it is led by Craig Crosbie.


Accord is our people group for the women of NSI, but Accord is also an international ministry that builds and shapes women’s identity . Accord was formed to build and shape our women’s identity based on Kingdom Values. Accord offers a safe environment for women of all ages and all walks of life to come together and encourage each other to live in the fullness of our freedom in Christ. 

The name Accord is based on Philippians 2 v2(NKJV)  – “fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.” Accord reaches women across through a daily bible study Facebook group, podcasts and bible studies. Accord is headed by Rebecca Crosbie and her team from the Accord studio in Barry in South Wales. Find out more about Accord at

Accord Conference, Houston, 2023
Bible study in the Accord Studio
Rebecca and Naomi, the Accord Team