Our History

Over the years, we have been primarily involved with training and equipping people and communities through various capacity development initiatives. We have worked in the UK with communities from different religious backgrounds to facilitate training as well as those who share our faith. We have helped individuals and families who were struggling by helping them get on their feet and living fulfilled and productive lives.

We have also worked in countries like Mexico, and Uganda with in areas such as building local communities, providing relief, medication and food supplies. Over the years, NSI has been a sanctuary to the broken, abused, oppressed and those rejected by society. Its doors will be open to indigenous Welsh communities, vulnerable groups including but not limited refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, children, youth, elderly, men and women, and those with disabilities.

We have a track record for designing, collaborating and facilitating initiatives that have an impact on human, social and national transformation in Wales and the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Asia, Pacific, South America and North America.